Thursday, December 31, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Free People chain tank, J Cooper zip-up leggings, Guess platform pumps, Betsey Johnson rhinestone ring

 The one thing about winter break that I almost resent is having enough time to play dress up with my mom.  Yes, I know I'm 21 and not 12, but I got all these clothes for Christmas, and my mom had a "vision" on how I should wear them.  I also have nothing to do, except things I dont  want to do (like my senior project). Of course, this is not something I would normally wear, unless I was on stage or something (even then, 4 inch heels and 1/4" cables...not good!).  This also brings up the whole age old debate of leggings vs pants or leggings=pants.  I say as long as you steer clear of the dreaded vpl and it is completely opaque, why are they not pants? Because they don't have pockets? The tiger-print bra, on the other hand, gods of fashion, please forgive me; I didn't leave the house.

Betsey Johnson heart ring

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