Monday, May 3, 2010

Culture shock.

I forgot to post about Culture Shock.  Since it happened things have been just so crazy, and I didn't get any good shots of my outfit, but here's a rather boring looking picture of us playing. I assure you, it wasn't boring, no one had a proper flash.  I also met one of my idols: Andrew WK.  We are friends on twitter now.  I am also willing to admit that I was having trouble handling being right up front.  After, my legs were so bruised it looked like I was in a car accident.  I also messed up my arm when I was pushed off stage during an attempt to escape from the crowd. Three letters for my expression below: lol.

Kris looked a lot better in his picture than I did in mine, so I'm going to post his. Our drummer Nick, who picked Andrew up from the city, asked Kris to be his "body guard" since so many people were there. No one hassled him anyway.

and here is the ever-fierce Russel, ready to catch light on his good-side within a moments notice.


  1. looks like oodles of fun! plus you look adorable.

  2. Why didn't you tell me when culture shock was?!?! I would have tried to some despite being extremely busy these past few weeks!

  3. There wasn't anyone that sweet this year (besides us and our friends), and AWK was a last minute thing.

  4. that's so exciting! it looks like a lot of fun.