Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer, music, friendship, and clothes.

I'm cross-posting this from Candy Hearts' blog, and since I didn't have a camera last night (bad idea to bring it to the beach), these are from last week's show.

Last night was depressing, and by depressing I mean I’m only sad because the rest of my summer cannot possibly live up to that level of fun. I admit that I was off my game because of a major toothache. I thought I had narrowly escaped the wrath of wisdom teeth months ago, but alas, it turns out I’m just like everyone else. Anyway, I spent a couple of minutes shifting in and out of Asbury Lanes, whimpering back-stage like a baby, then I sucked it up and played. The show was sweet, especially watching the other bands.

After the show at around midnight, we snuck onto the beach with Sundials and Hold Tight, held hands, and ran belly first into the ocean. Man, were we shocked when it was about 10 degrees colder than it had been in the afternoon. For a while, we let the dark waves knock us around, laughing, then the sky opened up and it down poured out of nowhere. We quickly grabbed our clothes and ran for cover. In the rain, we walked barefoot back to the venue, said goodbye, had a crucial group hug, and drove home soaking wet with the air conditioning giving me goose bumps.

Summer, friends playing music, swimming at midnight—these are the things good songs are made of.

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