Sunday, December 20, 2009

The artwork is done, albums are in the mail!

I know I  have not updated in a long time, and I really hate being such a bad blogger, but I blame finals and finishing this album with Candy Hearts. I have not had much to blog about! If any of my readers want the album, message me. You can have it, even if it didn't officially come out yet.  This is the artwork I made for it, and I don't think my mom likes our whole sound very much, which is making me very nervous, because it means so much to me.  I also get nervous about everything.

Last week was the last issue of the Indy for the semester, and it was really short.  We mainly just had to print the interview I did with Patrick Cavanaugh (of Mad Men and Transylmania), who was so charming.  He totally charmed the pants of me.  I didn't put it online yet, but I will.  It's off to the rest of my last Shakespeare paper ever.  At least I hope it is!

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