Saturday, December 5, 2009

Second to last issue.

Hand-me-down sweater, H&M dress, vintage bow, Liz Claiborne suede boots

Can I just say that when my sister bought this rainbow Lamé dress two years ago, I plotted to steal it, and alas, it is mine. She grew out of it.  I wore this to go out Friday night and do basically nothing but stand outside of a party and think about going inside. I thought it would be good for the stage or New Years Eve with some platform pumps. Agree or disagree?

This week was the second to last issue of the Indy for this semester, and we had a great cover involving a drag queen.  Despite our re-broken and re-fixed printer, someone came up to me out of the blue and said, "Hey, you are Mariel, right? I can't believe what you've done with the Indy.  You turned it from crap into something totally respectable and interesting."  She even complimented my copy editing skills.  WHAT. Ok, so I can gush, now. I almost always receive negative comments, and I assume it's because people like to complain, so this was nice, nice, nice.  We even have a few interns lined up for next semester, a plan to relaunch the website, and plans for a really fun launch party! Next week will be the last issue, and we are working without pay because, well, I guess that's who we are.

Even better than the paper finally falling into place, is the fact that (Shrunk and White are crawling in their graves) I went to dinner at Panera.  I know, I know, it's just Panera, but the small things in life are what make life awesome.

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