Monday, January 18, 2010

Southern Tour

Sorry for my almost 2-week absence. I came back from my southern tour with Candy Hearts just a few days ago.  We decided it would be a great idea to go south in the winter to avoid the snow.  Unfortunately, the minute we booked it out of Pittsburgh, we were stuck in the biggest snow storm the south has seen in a long time.  All of the news stations were reporting on the so called "Arctic Blast." That is just my luck.  Our biggest show was canceled, I never was able to see Louisville, and I was stuck in a random hotel somewhere in Ohio.

One more unlucky thing: one of my favorite bands, Lemuria, happened to be playing in someone's basement on the very same day that we played at the Little Hamilton Collective in Nashville. The place was cool (heat or not) but all everyone kept saying was how everyone was at the Lemuria show instead.  Hell, I wanted to head over there myself, but I'll catch them if they come around Brooklyn! Note for next tour: research popular bands in the same scene, and don't bother competing with them, especially if your favorite band plays in the same basements.

Aside from those two slip-ups, tour was wonderful! We met so many great people, and played so many wonderful, fun, shows! I really fell in love with Nashville, but nothing is quite the same as New York.

Post-show hanging  with the band in Pittsburg.  I got this dress at Kohls.  Who would have thought.

Here's a picture someone took of us at Snug Harbor in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Loving my new Voodoo Sparkledrive that I got for Christmas!  After meeting some awesome kids  in Asheville, we were led to Lunchbox records where Kris picked up Dear You by Jawbreaker. I can't wait to listen.  Coolest record shop ever!

On the left is outside our hotel room in Columbus, Ohio.  It wouldn't stop snowing. Thats my good old van covered in it.  Poor guy. On the right is the awesome street-punk band we played with in Nashville.  The girl was really cool, and could shred on bass.  She thrifted and sewed all of her clothes.  I really love her patent docs.

That's all for now. I spent the majority of the tour actually enjoying the moment rather than documenting it, which is something new for me, so I don't have pictures of all the shows or the people we met. Stay tuned and find out how much I ate when I discovered how awesome southern food is.

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