Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Nanette Lepore dress, Simply Vera Wang tights, Jazz shoes from TJ Maxx

Turquoise dress, purple tights, gold shoes, and a big bedazzled headband—it’s sort of loud.  I, for one, am not used to dressing as vibrantly as I did for my recent band practice.  I'm used to muted colors, one stand-out accessory, and comfortable shoes, which is considered a cardinal sin in my sister's mind (she frequently dons 5" heels to gallivant all over Manhattan).  After seeing Yes Man last night, I figured why not? Almost everything I have achieved is a result of stepping outside of my comfort zone.  Applying to become editor of The Indy (we even have writing interns this semester!), deciding to try my hand at cooking tofu, and actually securing band-mates over and over again (which is really as nerve wracking as dating) are all things I was very apprehensive to try, but ended up becoming who I am.  

So I ask my readers, if you are out there, what is something you desperately wanted to avoid (going to the gym, finishing that research paper before the last minute, or even telling someone how you feel) that actually paid off?


  1. I wasn't sure about this outfit when you posted it on wiwt2, but the second picture shows the color of the tights better and I can see how they pick up the little thready bits on the dress and it really great. Come out of your comfort zone more often! it looks ferosh!

    I am currently about to embark on a big step out of my comfortzone, IE moving from california to chicago possibly. yikes. lets hope it pays off!

  2. Your wearing the dress I got you! It looks great. Way to be loud! As far as big step outta my comfort zone... that was traveling with you to Brooklyn. The cheeseballs made it worth it.