Thursday, February 4, 2010

Issue 205

Forever 21 dress, Target sweater, Betsey Johnson belt, Urban Outfitters shoes

I started this entry in the Independent's office with hopes of printing the rest of the issues and working on my senior project. Only one of those things happened, and let me tell you, it was not my project!  This week's issue is the best yet! I've heard such great things, the cover looks gorgeous; everything actually went swimmingly, which is unusual, but I'll take it! Here's a note to all you aspiring college paper editors, interns are SO HARD to coordinate.  I never understood why certain interns I've worked have gotten scolded, bad-mouthed, or fired, but now I've seen the light.  I am confident that if I make the program more structured, we will all become even more successful!

Yesterday, the time that wasn't spent finishing up the issue, or in class, was spent at a photoshoot with Ellisa, where she took pictures of the new Candy Hearts! I'm writing songs again, and I am completely thrilled with how they are coming out. Better than ever too!

This outfit I wore to a dinner party where all my girlfriends decided to dress up. It was super fun!  What is your favorite thing to bring to a dinner party?

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  1. Your music is great! I love the vocals :)