Monday, February 22, 2010

From Park Slope to Harlem and other things.

Vintage Glasses, TJ Maxx Jacket, Urban Outfitters Shirt, Thrifted Stretch Pants, Dr. Martens Shoes.

Friday, I went to visit my sister in Harlem but somehow found myself in a 2 hour subway ride to park slope to see my friends (who happen to be in this awesome band Field Mouse) and finally meet Jenny Owen Youngs, who is great friends with all of them, and I've heard so much about (not just from Perez Hilton). NYC Subways are so frustrating after 12am, and it took us some ridiculous amount of time to get home, and I totally passed out on Kris's shoulder and had weird subway induced dreams. 

Here are a few things for you guys to check out, that I forgot to post about because I am in a whir of senior project haze and watching way too much "My Life as Liz.":  Candy Hearts was featured in Star Beat Music, a cool blog about the NY/NJ underground music scene and in The Captain's Memos, so go on over there and comment, and tell them what you think!

I have more to post about, including exciting Indy news, but I am waiting to receive the pictures first, so stay tuned!

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  1. I like that even though there isn't any distinctly girly pieces in this, is still is very feminine, (without looking like cotton candy)

    Plus, I'm a sucker for plaid.