Monday, March 22, 2010

The end of the semester is kicking me down hard.

I have been so busy these last couple weeks.  It has made posting near impossible, mostly because I've looked like such a bum! I have been working 24/7 on my senior project, and it is driving me crazy.  I've also been planning this super fun end of the year event for The Independent, which has been going smoothly, so there's not much to say about that. 

Over these past few weeks at the Indy and just in my life, I have really learned to assert myself.  Sometimes, I realize that I don't have to do all of these favors people, if I dont want to. I don't always have to be nice, or do what people say. I am the boss, this is our publication, and I don't need to stand for being pushed around.  Sometimes I feel like I might slip and end up like "Kell on Earth" with "bitchy" reputation, but then I realize, hey, that is sometimes what you have to do to get the job done. Besides, when you are too nice, you get walked all over, which is something I will no longer stand for.

In other news, Candy Hearts did an interview with this blog, so check it out. We were also written up here.

Also, I've been looking wildly '80s or early '90s in dress. I don't know if this is something that should be stopped. How do you guys feel about the resurgance of clothing from those eras?


  1. i love your shade of lipstick here. what is it?

    i'm really enjoying the revisit to 90s fashion because i was old enough then just to steal my sisters magazines but not old enough to wear most of the things, just draw my favorite designs in my sketchbook. now is my chance!

    the color combination of the bandeau and tank is really nice too-- you have a great sense of color.

  2. Thanks! The lipstick is Revlon's Crystal Cut Coral from the Moondrops collection!