Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The last couple of weeks.

American Apparel bandeau, Free People tank, Forever 21 shorts, Steve Madden booties

Apparently, the only time I can find for blogging is when I'm sitting sick in bed, unable to even talk because of my sore throat.  This was the first time I called in sick to work since about a year ago (it was only a 2 hour shift anyway). I wish that calling in sick could be left for days where I feel amazing and am going to do amazing things, but they're not. I don't get mental health days. Tomorrow, no matter how sick I am, I have to make the second to last issue of The Independent before I hand in my keys to the office (well, I mean they'll probably just change the door code) and graduate.  My senior project is almost finished, and I am going to have my life back, but no job. Cheers to starting the hunt (more than I've already started).Since I've taken such a break, I'm going to try to do things chronologically.  Two Fridays ago, I went on down to Arrojo Studios to be a hair model for my friend Kelly's graduation.  I got my hair colored, cut, and Kelly took me to this amazing frozen yogurt place for lunch. All in all, she did a fabulous job ! Nick Arrojo was even there and I was giggly like a silly fan girl. I can't help if it "What Not to Wear" is one of my favorite shows.  Above is the final product, and I won't post the before picture because after I saw it, I swore I would never go out without makeup again.

 After the hair show, I headed up to Harlem to hang out with my sister who was preparing for the final test for her bartending certificate.  Why she needs a bartending license when she already has a big career job in her field, I don't know, but we made fondue, tried the beer she brewed in her dorm room, and she practiced making all of the drinks out of her book.  I was one of the testers for every drink she made.  I don't normally drink that much, but I consider this instance more of an academic assignment than drinking.

This is some delicious drink my sister made with orange juice and grenadine!

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