Friday, June 4, 2010

Crucial Fun Fest V: punk rock summer camp?

Forever 21 hat and scarf, Thrifted sweetheart bustier, J Company highwaisted sailor shorts
This weekend was Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, Kentucky.  It was the best show EVER--an overheating room packed with kids all singing along and dancing.  People don't open their mouths or move in New York, even if it's their favorite band (unless they are me or something).  It was really like punk rock summer camp. Names didn't matter, people referred to eachother by the name of their band like it was some kind of competitive team (especially when playing games in the park).  Everyone was so nice, and I feel like I've made 1o0 new friends. It's just unfortunate that we missed Friday and Sunday because we're working men (and ladies). JK I need to find a job still. Anyway,  Friday was the Timeshares/Sundials show, and I love love love those bands.  Other sweet bands that played: Hop Along, Laura Stevenson, Sister Kisser, Andrew Jackson Jihad.  I was starstruck everywhere I went.

To sum up the fun: 90 degrees, running through fountains in our clothes, camping out, sweet music, late night games in the park, van envy, cut off jeans, waffle house, highway miles, less sleep than I’ve gotten since that sleepover in 6th grade, crucial sing-a-longs, xl coffee, and being a million miles from home but meeting kids from the same town. Oh, and I was still the first person to go to bed.
Our set!

Cool Lisa Frank Tattoo at the later show

Lake Beaches.

Friendship, Somewhere USA


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  1. Excellent photographs. Sounds like you made a lot of new friends and had a great time in the process. Don't let these new connections go to waste. Blog on!