Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music video and city travelling.

Pink bow, Thrifted bustier, Target pink skirt, Doc Martens shoes

I've been so busy lately writing, trying to find a job, visiting friends, playing lots of songs, and going to shows.  It's weird having nothing you have to do, and it will probably drive me crazy in a couple of more days.  I wore this outfit above to shoot a music video with Candy Hearts. It was our first ever music video, and I hope it came out okay.  All I know is the lights were really, really hot, there were so many cameras, and it took me like an hour to do my hair. I never thought I would see myself in HD--actually, I watched tv and worried about what I would look like if my chance ever came. Well, here it is.

Two days before, I went to Williamsburg to check out Lemuria at Death by Audio.  It was one of the best shows I've been to ALL YEAR,  and Slingshot Dakota and The Measure [sa] were also playing.  It was a dream line-up, and each band played all the songs that I really wanted to hear. It was great energy all around.  After the show we briefly hung out with the bands because Kris knows everyone, and the boys from Timeshares were there, who really know everyone. I've been dying to meet these bands because I really love them, I really want to play with them, and they dominate my iPod. I normally dont geek out about this stuff, but it was SO cool!

After the show, we ended up at the Charleston (like usual) since Kris has been stockpiling free pizza tickets (shh don't tell!). I slept on a floor, with no air conditioning, on a very loud street in Bed-Stuy.  when we woke up we went to Kellogg's Diner, where I got my favorite diner breakfast: waffles and ice cream. Well, that post was just one large run on.

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  1. Waffles seem to be all the rage. Letterman made some last night during his broadcast.