Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blocking the Sunshine Music Video

If you remember from this post, I filmed a music video with Candy Hearts.  Well, I can finally post it because Blogger accepts video! It's also up on If You Make It. While I'm talking about the band, we've gotten some great press within the month I took off from blogging.  You can see it here, here, and here if you care.  I'm just super proud.  I'm also working on our new tumblr layout, which took the backburner to getting this blog done since we took most of July and August easy.  It's sort of not working out right now, but I don't have the time to fix it.  September is going to be crazy so I better do it soon. Uh oh. Full steam ahead!

Anyway, enjoy the video.


  1. hey, potentially weird q, but: how did you get the flickr gadget to work for you? when it asks for the username, i used my screen name, url name, and my flickr id and none of those worked. i looked it up on flickr and some other people had problems, but they're old posts with really no answers! what did you put for yours?
    thank you :3 ps i'm a creeper/fan of your band and i'm from wiwt2!

  2. trixb, I'm sorry I really dont know why it's not working. I just put my username in and it was no problem.

  3. hahah, thanks. i realize it was a strange q, but i saw yours and i was jealous because it hates me.

  4. I love this song!!!!!! It's on repeat right now hahah. Your voice has such a 90's vibe to it which i LOVE!!!