Thursday, August 19, 2010

From my front porch.

Top Shop necklace, Forever 21 shirt, Levis jeans, Max Studios platforms

Today I hung out on my front porch and got a lot of writing done.  My favorite part about having a front porch is being able to eavesdrop on my neighbors, which is something I definitely learned from my mother.  Since I wasn't really going anywhere, I decided to wear something super comfortable. I snagged these Levis from my brother when he grew out of them last year. Lately, I've been dressing pretty basic, even if the heat hasn't been unbearable.  It's almost fall. Time to go fall shopping!

In other exciting news, Candy Hearts was in Absolute Punk's Absolute 100 list. Kris was super excited about it, even more than I was, but yeah...I was pretty happy!

And here's a picture what I look like at work, I swear I was excited! There was lots of coffee to be had. Starbucks is two blocks away from new house!

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