Friday, September 10, 2010

The end of summer.

Summer is officially over, even if it doesn't feel like it.  I am sucking every last ounce out of this straw hat and my collection of rompers.  Since my post last month I got my first couple by-lines in Babble.  I have been going to/playing lots of shows, and I finished Candy Hearts's new website and opened a webstore.

I wore this romper to see my awesome friends play: Kyle in Big Soda, and Pat who's band doesn't have a website yet. I love going to basement shows. The energy is always a toss-up and it's always unpredictable--something I normally can't stand. Predictablity and I are very, very good friends, but every once it a while it's nice to get a major break. We spent most of our time hanging around outside, in the street, and on-top of my friends school-bus-turned-tour-machine. For lunch, I spontaneously got Thai in Harlem.  The food was okay (for near-fastfood prices), but the fried tofu was key.

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