Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing at Trash Bar with Field Mouse and Dirty Blonde

Top Shop necklace, H&M Jacket, Skirt from Bloomingdales, Justin Shoes
I'm typing this as I edit photos from fashion week to post on Her Campus.  More about that later, once I can upload the fabulous pictures I got of the bebe's show! It deserves its own post.  I wore this outfit to play a show with Candy Hearts and my close friends Field Mouse and Dirty Blonde. It was Christina's birthday and an all out blast, though I missed the open bar and didn't manage to snag a single one of the free tater tots Trash Bar offers. It's always a weird crowd there too.

For all Built to Spill fans, Dirty Blonde is a must-listen! Quite honestly, when Darren joked with me that their 7" was coming out on Sub Pop, I really did believe him until I remembered he's a major jokster. This falls seamlessly into that era of late 90s/early 00s indie rock, when drums, bass, and guitar felt fresh and new wave was so ten years ago (oh how things change like that in music, it's so funny!). Frankie's voice is also, for lack of better terms at 2:30 a.m., adorable and fits in perfectly between waves of heavy delay and distortion. I could listen to it all day.

For anyone who likes the later-era Azure Ray, I highly recommend Field Mouse. Rachel's voice is just, flat-out, awesome. There's no bones about it. It's delicate but in the most honest and endearing way (I admit it's very much like Juliana Hatfield but specifically in that My So Called Life episode where she played a homeless girl/ghost). Her music is equal parts early Saddle Creek and My Bloody Valentine—best listened to on long car rides home or when you’re sitting with a friend and have run out of things to say. Plus, she looked super cute in her vintage-inspired romper, and I regret not buying it from Urban Outfitters. She looks like one of those sailor girls from a World War II ad or a more punk rock Jenny Lewis.

And my hair is perpetually a mess. Seriously.

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