Sunday, October 10, 2010

Octoberfest at Bear Mountain.

Yesterday, I went to the Bear Mountain October Fest with my friends in the Tattle Tales. I have to say that everything up until we actually met up was a complete disaster.  I'm normally one to look on the positive side of being shut out, stuck, and stranded or lost, but there was no way around this.  We drove into Bear Mountain, got completely lost, and somehow ended up outside of Bear Mountain, where we were not allowed back in.  When we asked the police lady standing by the entrance for directions, she just screamed at us. I could tell she wasn't going to be helpful because she was screaming at other cars in the traffic circle (who had their windows closed...why was she yelling at them?).  I always get dissapointed when people who are supposed to help you act like that. Her job is helping you! Then, since she wouldnt give us directions, we got more lost and ran out of gas in a no-cell-service area. We found some 11 miles away and thankfully the car did not stop, though it was very close and started making noises.  Anyway, once we got there it was a blast, and I ate a waffle the size of my head with tons of apple pie ice cream on it.

I know I have been half-assing the updates, but after work, I've been avoiding the computer and trying to be a normal person (haha).  Also, I can't keep up on posting Candy Hearts' press. I got very overwhelmed after I re-did the website, but I will let you guys in on this interview we did. I just love it.

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  1. Cute look. I love that skirt of yours! Very chic.