Thursday, December 16, 2010

My great grandmother's cookies

I'll be honest and say I'm having one of those days.  It feels like every song I write or have written is sh*t, and it's starting to bother me that the only results gained from googling my name are tips on buying your first vibrator or how I have nice hair but my band is lame.  On days like these I like to eat sweets. Okay, so that makes me an emotional eater, but frankly I don't care, because for 30 seconds when my mouth is full of lemony frosting, it's not filled with singing melodies I should have stopped singing 20 minutes ago or reading aloud bad edits I can't believe I wrote in the first place.

Anyway, so that's how I feel. And it's something only shakable by sleep, mass amounts of flattery, or eating dessert, which I wish was these Italian lemon cookies.  They are my great grandmother's recipe, only like usual, I'm not a baker and my mother insists these are no way near the way her grandmother made them.  Regardless, I made them for the Babble office bake-off and no one got sick from eating them/ (I'm kidding, they're totally yummy -- the perfect cookie!).  They're actually very much like small cakes, whereas my great grandmother's were cookies, but I don't have patience to freeze the dough and twist it into the right texture.

The recipe is on Babble, and I highly suggest you make them because there are few things that taste as much like childhood as these.

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  1. looks good. i'm going to bake this weekend, i'm pumped.