Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playing music in other peoples' apartments.

I'm posting this picture from March/April because I can't think of a better one for this post.  Above was taken from our lost Pink Couch Session, and the excitement on our faces is how I felt Friday night at the Born in a Cent/Homewreckers show.  We've been playing so many shows lately (too many for people who are trying to get their new material together!), and I've not brought my camera around because I don't want to be that weird girl at the show taking pictures for her blog.

Anyway, there is nothing better I can think of than staring out from the corner of that Brooklyn loft, hidden behind my guitar and microphone, looking at smiling, supportive faces. I can really say I've never felt so welcome or at home.  I'm so grateful for everyone who came to remind me of why I'm doing this.  I also realized I'm such a bad show-goer. I always get shoved to the back where I can't see a smidge of anything, and I really didn't expect to have to fight for my place in the front. It was kind of exciting!

Also, Jeff Mangum played in the same neighborhood, in a loft, that very night. He played all Neutral Milk Hotel songs too. I wonder if it was close to where I was!

Anyway, that's all! Be prepared for a food post later! Don't forget to follow Candy Hearts on Tumblr because I update that way more!


  1. So I've been in wut with you for forever, but I just wanted you to know that I love your band! Quickly becoming one of the top artists on my Last.FM and you guys are getting me through a rough time. So thanks for cheering me up! Any plans of playing in Texas?

  2. thanks so much for the kind words! No immediate plans to come to texas, but I hope in the future!