Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My So-Called Night

Target denim shirt, Urban Outfitters hat, Nasty Gal romper, Doc Martens boots

As cheesy as this might sound, last weekend me and the boys went to "My So-Called Prom" at the Bell House. It's exactly what it sounds like—a My So-Called Life inspired prom where everyone was dressed like it was 1995 (my normal wardrobe, honestly), there were cheesy decorations, and a band that played hits from the '90s (I'll have it be said that we left when they started to play Sublime). I also discovered the most amazing cocktail ever: red bull + raspberry vodka. Whatever, so I normally drink beer or gin, but I can be a girl sometimes. Try it! You must.

Recording this weekend, even though I'm dreadfully ill and then playing a show with Paul Baribeau on Monday. Paul Baribeau!!! Let's pretend for 5 minutes that I don't have every word of his self titled album memorized. Get the show info from our website.

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