Monday, January 31, 2011

Recording, Recording, Recording

Last weekend we began recording our album, and while I didn't do much of anything during the drum and bass tracking except drink soda and sit around ("producing" as I call it), we are going to do guitar and vocals very soon, and that's it. I'm trying not to think about the final recording stages because that's where I tend to get kind of crazy thinking about if people are going to listen and like this and playback every single note a hundred times until the rest of the band tells me I need to stop.

When we did this last time, I didn't think about any of this stuff except for how the record sounded. I had no idea what to do once I held the CD in my hands and blindly went on tour down the east coast. Everything involving that first month as a real band with a real release was...well, really, really hard. And then one day, all of a sudden, I was swept up into a whirlwind of shows, reviews, interviews, and so many people I am so glad I get to call my friends.  Something just clicked, and now it feels light, and easy, and natural, though I still have nerves, I'm really happy with how everything is turning out/has turned out -- no matter how small my success is. I used to feel sort alone making music, but now I've learned to let go. To put my trust in the 3 other people, my best friends, who are in this with me.

Here are some pictures from our session, and Greg's apartment (where the lack of cable practically forced us to watch hours of hilarious YouTube videos).

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