Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Free People coat, Justin boots, Mandees (I know!) jeggings
I'm sitting here in my pitch black room, sitting against the walls I painted purple with sheets pulled up to my nose. It's at these hours that I feel like being creative, which makes me wonder if wasting the day matters at all if I choose to work at night instead.  I'm trying to structure my very unstructured life, but I haven't found enough freelance work to warrant the structure.  Hopefully I will soon.

These pictures are from a Woodbury Commons trip with my mom.  After being completely heartbroken that the American Apparel highwaisted pleated pants I've coveted for months didn't fit me in any size, I refused to give up. I paid a visit to the outlet store, tried them in a different fabric, and they fit! Plus, they were only around $40, which is basically half off.  Score.

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