Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Week Ago

I can't really tell you where any of my clothes are from in this outfit, especially because this dress is so old I wore it to my high school's homecoming in 2005.  I love holding onto clothes knowing they'll come back into style, and I really feel like I got lucky with this one.  This picture was from last Friday when it almost felt like Spring outside, and I stopped by Kris's place in the Bronx to flesh out the mixes of five more songs before heading out to Long Island for a bar crawl with my cousin and sister. We need to do that much more often.

Speaking of mixes, check out this piece I wrote for the NY Egotist about how Kickstarter has kicked the the major label on its behind more than Napster.   Alright, not more Napster, but still; now it's not the just the public that doesn't need major labels to get music, it's the artists too—almost. I'm still a firm believer that labels are both important and helpful to artists, whether or not they are needed.

Oh, and here are some nachos. Here's a tip: to balance the guilt you'll feel from eating a heaping, unhealthy-but-delicious pile of nachos, mix both bad fats (the cheese, the sour cream, and everything else that tastes awesome) with good fats (avocado and...that's all I've got).  Yum!

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