Monday, November 9, 2009

last weeks show.

Candy Hearts Open for Nana Grizol

Candy Hearts opening for Nana Grizol

There is not much to say about The Independent as of late, so I will talk about happenings in Candy Hearts-ville instead!  The paper is at a stand still, but we have still managed to print full sized issues/ fix the broken printer (things I have done out of my own will, with no help. I AM NOT BITTER.)  You can read my interview with Nana Grizol here.  I am really psyched about it. I might have the chance to do some other big interviews in the near future!

Anyway, I will use this post to talk about the show that I played with them! It was awesome. No one really said anything which made me kind of nervous that we played too loud and our songs are so short, which are things i initially strived for.  I like to keep songs at nice 2:30, unless its a ballad, since my favorite songs are short and I don't know, everything just sounds right to me.  I guess I am really attached to the songs since I only know how to write about my life (yes I strive to be a sort of punk Taylor Swift, she is just so cool).  I just had a really great time dancing with kris, and an even better time when Nana Grizol played and Ellisa and I sang all the words and danced together! 

I just hope someone heard me sing and the words meant something to them!  Anyway, the whole thing was sort of like one of those moments where you are just so glad that what has happened is happening.

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