Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Print Manager. 10 songs. Music Issue!

11-19-09 office wear Esprit blazer, Hanes tee, Forever 21 jeans and ring, and Steve Madden flats

Finally, the PSGA hired a printer for the Independent, but it was not without the development of a few new gray hairs (I’m not joking! I am only 21 why is this happening?).  Everything has been going smoothly ever since then. That's our office in the picture by the way.

 This week was our music issue, and I made a list of what I thought were 10 of the most important songs from the 1990s, excluding Nirvana because that is too easy.  First thing that came to mind was Third Eye Blind, which I am strongly considering covering tomorrow when I play solo at Women Out Loud (A benefit for the campus’s women’s clinic).  While we still don’t have a reliable staff, our photography interns managed to wrangle their friends together and submitted some great articles. Finally, a real newspaper with a real circulation.

I also had a semi-aggravating band practice. We have a show on Sunday at The Charleston in Williamsburg, and I put my heart and soul into a song and was completely shut down.  In the end, it turned out how I wanted it to be, which is why I don’t understand why the argument even needed to happen.  Perhaps those sorts of things help lead you in the circles you need to wander around in order to find something wonderful.  Ironically, that is what the song is about.

I'll leave you with the runner up for this week's cover shot. It only lost because it was irrelevent, but it's still cool.


  1. I dye my hair every few weeks but I am fairly sure I've got at least a couple stray grays from stressing out.
    If its any consolation, you look adorable, those jeans with that blazer.. mmmhmm. looks good lady.

  2. Thanks! At least if I go gray I can dye it fun colors.