Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Morning, Being Lazy.

Target sweater, Scarf from a boutique in San Francisco, Urban Outfitters Skirt, Doc Martens Boots, Revlon Lipstick

I don’t know if I forgot to mention this, but on Wednesday I got to interview Patrick Cavanaugh from “Mad Men” about his new movie.  It was really great experience, he was really nice, and hopefully it will make a great clip for my portfolio. 

Right now, I am still in bed trying to get some graphic design things I did for Lucky into my portfolio and browsing jobs online.  I should be transcribing my interview and cooking for Friendsgiving tonight, but I am still unsure about where to I want to work (yes I know it’s early!), and I get obsessed with thinking about it.  I just want to do some kind of writing, either words or music, and maybe marketing or pr, because I think I’d be good at it.  Really, I would be very happy to be doing any of those things (If any of you reading are looking to hire a quirky html nerd, with a penchant for the English language and flair for everything music related, hello, I am here!).  Well, I have a few more months until I have to worry about it, so I’ll apply, apply, apply, and take whatever bites when the time comes.

This outfit, so the picture is not irrelevant, is from last night.  My friend from Buffalo took a spontaneous flight to New York and ended up at my apartment.  I had not seen her in 2 years, and we had so much fun.

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